The rehab

In the period that followed I didn’t really know what to do with my life.

Thanks to competent doctors in Mainz, I came to a rehab clinic near Augsburg after my hospital stay I was told, that there would be someone who could understand me.

It was Roberto Simonazzi!

He had already won several medals at the Paralympics and if it hadn’t been for him, I wouldn’t know what to do with my life. He works together with an orthopaedic technician every amputee only can desire – Herbert Ganter. These two guys succeeded in bringing me back on track and I will appreciate that my whole lifetime.

Herbert’s prostheses are great – the fit perfectly!

Especially this point is very important form y quality of living. That’s why I don’t have a problem with driving from Cologne to Augsburg if there’s something wrong with my prosthesis. The rehab was very important. Here I learnt how to deal with my handicap in everyday life. The most important thing is not to see oneself as kind of “alien“ but to accept one’s handicap and not to be ashamed of it. I did not turn into another person. I’m the same person as I was before, whereas I have become a bit calmer due to the incident.

Now I think differently about certain things, because you can’s influence fate!